If a girl can't find a job

By Rubeliza & Reina via UN Volunteers

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1,000 emails later and not one single reply. Is it me or is it them? Did I choose the wrong course to study? Why, but my friend got a job immediately. I need a job, any job, just take me. These are just some of the few thoughts that goes through the mind of anyone who has struggled with finding a job.

Unemployment is rising but there are still people getting jobs out there and we will too. But why does finding a job, a good job at that, have to be so difficult especially even if you are already qualified. I am not an employer so I can’t tell you that but as someone who has once been on the unemployment bench for a long time, I’ll tell you this.

There is a job out there for you, it doesn’t matter if you have to send 1,000 cover letters, resume’s and cvs to the wrong company, when you send to the right company for you, they will reply.  Do not in any case become desperate. It is easy to become desperate when you have a loan to pay but job recruiters can sense this.

Sending emails can be exhausting so try going personally to every company you like, dress smartly and ask to talk to the manager, then ask for a job and highlight your skills. Make your resume neat and easy to read, 2 page CV is advisable because HR get a lot of CVs, so make yours stand out.

Don’t be afraid to settle for an internship and stick it out. If you don’t get the job, you’ll at least get experience and a reference but never hang around an internship that wastes your time or money.  Join social meetups and attend business workshops too to increase your network.

Phew, who knew finding a job would be a full time job but you can make it. The key is never to give up, you may just be one email away from your dream job so keep sending.

Now let’s go get that job.

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About Reina
(According to Rubeliza)

Reina is a registered nurse. She graduated as a Cum Laude. She dedicated, more than 2 years working in a hospital as a Renal Nurse before pursuing other studies.

Aside from being smart and dedicated, she's a fun loving, family-centered and God fearing individual. What I like most about her is her ability to see happiness and contentment in every little thing that she does. She's quite outgoing and loves to be around people. For now, she's aiming to finish law studies, be the first lawyer in her family and make them all proud. 


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