If a girl has a been abused

By Cathleen via UN Volunteers

Being abused is the most damaging thing that can happen to anyone. It steals your confidence, scars your mind and makes it hard to move on with life, it can even give trust issues and in worst cases mental disorders. Abuse is a bad thing and I am so sorry it happened to you.

Image via http://www.foylewomensaid.org/

I believe you can overcome the abuse you have faced and defeat those monsters that torment you at night. The first thing you must know is that you did not deserve it, you do not deserve and never will you have deserved it.

Being abused is not your fault. The shame and guilt that comes with it is not yours to carry and should only be felt by that wicked person who hurt you. If you are still being abused, break that cycle today. Report your abuser, ask for help from trusted friends or an organization near you. You have to fight back to protect your body and soul from harm.

If you’ve just left an abusive relationship, I want to say well done. What you have done is a brave thing and no one but you can truly know what you went through but we are here for you. Don’t let any stigma stick to you but focus on rebuilding your life and finding happiness within you.

Abuse does not define you so do not let it control your life. Life can be beautiful. Seek the help of a counselor and therapist to help in your journey to recovery. Look in the mirror today and tell yourself that you are beautiful, not only because of what you look like but also because of the strength of your spirit. You are a survivor.

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