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By Kreeta via UN Volunteers

Depression,  we’ve all felt it some time in our life. Are you feeling depressed right now, have you been down for a long time? The first step to beating depression is admitting that you have it.

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You first feel sad, then you feel angry but that anger slowly drains your energy and now you don’t want to leave your bed, life has lost its meaning and you just can’t be happy. It is possible to smile and still be depressed, that doesn’t mean the problem isn’t serious.

Depression can lead to more serious consequences such as drug abuse, chronic sadness, suicidal thoughts, mental illness like bipolar, to name just a few.  You may also lose your job and friends. But if your friends leave when you are depressed, were they really friends at all?

The truth is, people deal with conflict differently. When you are depressed, everything seems to fall apart because a negative force such as depression attracts negative consequences.

When you feel depressed and don’t want to get out of bed or see anyone, Get up. No matter how hard it is, get out of that bed, take a refreshing bath, eat a balanced meal by yourself or with someone you love.

Do an activity you love, dance, draw, sit in the sun, watch the leaves fall, talk to a friend, be near loved ones or get a pet. If it is too much to bear, go and see a therapist immediately. Even so, understand that you are what it takes to beat depression. People can help but no one knows what’s deep within you.

In depression, you are your only hero and I believe, without a doubt, that you are worth saving.

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  1. Thank you for writing such true and capable words.I can't generally think of a best thing to say to somebody,yet I know the best thing to do.I love it at whatever point somebody issues me a hug.My best friend had been in a depression herself and she knows how it feels, and she realizes that I have it moreover.At whatever point she sees me,she runs at me and issues me a huge hug.It's the best thing on the planet.
    how to deal with depression

    1. Thanks Emily for your comment. It's true, a simple hug can do wonders. The world certainly needs a free hug day.


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