If a girl is choosing a career

By Shalini via UN Volunteers

Making a career choice is an important step in life. This is because a career is your chosen purpose in life. It is the thing that you are giving back to the world because you love it. But the thing is, not everyone loves the career they are in and this can be because of various reasons.

Some reasons that may cause you not to like your chosen career path is if you do not love what you are doing, if your expectations for the career are cut short, if the rewards are not pleasing and if you chose the career simply because it looks good, pays right or you were pressured into it.

It is never too late to choose a career, whether you are already working in a certain job or if you are just getting started. In life, sometimes we don’t have a choice but when it comes to choosing a career, the possibilities are laid out in front of you to choose.

The first things when choosing a career is, write down on a piece of paper the things that you love to do. Make sure that these are the things that you can do for a very long time. Once you have written this list, search online for jobs related to this field.

When choosing a career, try to choose a field that is flexible so that you are able to do a different type of work and still be in the same career. Talk to a school advisor or a trusted friend and family about your thoughts on choosing a career. Listen to their advice but do not let them dictate your choice.

It is okay to sacrifice for the job you love but remember that life is about balance so just because you have chosen a certain career, does not mean you have to kill other aspects of your life such as relationships, hobbies and self-development time. Set your priorities but don’t neglect important things over your career otherwise it will be your career controlling you and not you controlling your career.

Money is an important factor too when choosing a career, but if you are seeking happiness over money, do the thing that you love. If you find that your career does not pay enough, it is okay to take part time jobs to fund you and still continue doing what you love.

Do what you love every day.

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