If a girl feels abused

By Dorothy via UN Volunteers

When you first think of abuse, what comes to mind? A woman with a black eye, a child that is being forced to work or sexual abuses such as rape. It is true, all this is abuse but there is so much more to abuse than what can be seen.

Most abuse happens in relationships and most abusers are people who are close to the victim. Abuse goes beyond battering, torture, forced labor or rape. Abuse also includes when you feel manipulated to stay in a relationship, abuse is when you are insulted, degraded and made to feel worthless. In short, abuse can be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual.

A parent can abuse a child. A partner can abuse their spouse. A boss can abuse their worker and so on. This is to say, abuse can happen to anyone and can be done by anyone – never judge a person by looks, an abuser can look friendly to everyone but the victim always knows the truth.

Are you in an abusive relationship? Do you feel scared, emotionally scarred and worthless because of someone else. Are you beaten, accused or raped and then blamed for it? Yes, rape can also happen in an intimate relationship.

If you find yourself in such a situation, remember that it is not your fault! The abuser is to blame for the abuse. Break the cycle of abuse by finding a way to escape. Take evidence of the abuse being done to you so that you will have proof when you report this to the law.

If you cannot leave your abusive relationship, find tactics to avoid any encounter with the abuser. Study their habits and make sure to keep away from them at all costs. Never let the abuser know that you are planning to leave them. Tell the abuser that what they are doing to you is hurting you and do not allow yourself to be manipulated into staying with an abuser.

You only live one life, spend it with people who build you and not break you. Seek help today. Be safe. 

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If you are a witness to abuse, don't keep silent just because it is not happening to you, as well. Speak out and be the difference.


A manager with about 8 years Finance and Administration experience in diverse
fields including financial management (both in practical and training others)
Grant and Fund management, budget preparation and review, project management,
hospitality services and education. I hold a degree in Sociology and Accounting,
Part completion of ACCA and currently pursuing a masters degree in Accounting
and Finance.

A highly motivated Individual driven by results , a valuable team player who is
versatile and adaptable to different working environments.  Possession of
demonstrable skills and competences in leadership, people management, Planning
and Organizing.

She really wants to make some difference in this world through impacting positively
in the lives of others. Dorothy is married with 3 kids.


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