If a girl wants to be independent

By Mariia via UN Volunteers

I will tell you some things you need to know about being an independent woman. First of all, independence is an individual choice. It is not forced but must be wanted. You must want independence enough to be willing to fight for it.

The benefit of true independence is that you get to rely on yourself for what you need. Believe me when I tell you that being independent goes beyond just having enough money to live by yourself, it means being free to make your own decision, feeling emotions without holding back, choosing what to believe in and how to believe it. Personal independence is a beautiful experience.

On your journey to being independent, remember that every choice has its consequences. To achieve independence you will have to work hard for yourself. Getting independent off other peoples backs is not true independence. You will also have to be responsible for yourself, when things work out you will take the praise but if things don’t work out be ready to accept your part in it.

Being independent does not mean you now turn your back on the world. A truly independent person knows when to seek the help of others. Independence does not happen in one day but if you celebrate your little independence each day, one day you will truly be free.

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