If a girl has trouble falling asleep

via St. Georges International UN Model Club in Cologne

The first thing you must do if you have trouble sleeping to make sure that your room is conducive for sleep. Check that the temperature is balanced, not too hot and yet not cold either. Then make sure that your bed spread and bed sheets are clean and comfortable and your pillow just right. 

Dedicate your bedroom for sleeping only and avoid spending too much time during the day where you sleep. Color your bedroom with faint colors so that you can sleep easily, bright colors tend to keep the mind awake.

Before going to sleep, take time to unwind; read a book that doesn’t cause you to think too much, take a brief walk, shower, paint, pray or do whatever makes you feel relaxed. Avoid caffeine or a heavy meal before sleeping. And once you get in bed, don’t start overthinking about the things you did wrong during the day, put aside your worries about tomorrow and instead let your mind wander on mundane things. Try to lay still and count from 100 backwards to unwind before falling asleep.

If you are excited, too happy or too sad, it may prove difficult to sleep so be sure to go to bed with resolved feelings. Doing a lot of thinking work before going to bed can also prevent sleep no matter how tired you feel. Exercise before sleeping or even meditate.

Try not to become dependent on sleeping pills, instead focus on going to sleep naturally. Form a natural sleep pattern daily and go to bed at the same time every night. Do your best to also wake up at the same time. Have a good night sleep. Good luck.

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