If a girl is being blackmailed

via St. Georges International UN Model Club in Cologne

Are you being blackmailed? Is someone demanding money or special favors from you because they are holding something potentially damaging against you? 

The greatest power you can give someone who is blackmailing is by giving in to their demand; they may promise to get rid of the damaging information they know about you but you cannot be sure that they will not use it to take advantage of you.

So what do you do if you are being blackmailed? The most redeeming thing to do is to come clean about your actions. By revealing the truth before the blackmailer does so, leaves them without power over you. 

If you do not have enough confidence to come clean of whatever it is that you did, then collect evidence that you are being blackmailed; record the audio, video or emails which show that you are being blackmailed, do not give in to the blackmail and if your blackmailer exposes you, you can possibly sue them for blackmail. If the case is very serious, you can consult a lawyer on what to do or report to the appropriate authorities.

Do not use any evidence against your blackmailer to blackmail them too. If you have any incriminating evidence against your blackmailer, take it to the rightful authorities and avoid manipulating your blackmailer with it. In any case, follow your gut feeling and focus on doing the right thing which will be beneficial to you and everyone involved in the long term.

Once everything blows over, take responsibility for your part in the action. Avoid hurting yourself or anyone and do your best to avoid any activity that may lead you to being blackmailed in the future. Stay safe.

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