If A Girl doesn't feel beautiful - Anna's Story

By Valery Nemykina via UN Volunteers

Anna is a woman from Ukraine who has been living with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that left her with 14 scars and with one leg shorter than the other. In this video, our UN Volunteer Valery asked her about her perception of beauty, this is what she had to say. 


Beauty is not only our physical condition, but also our emotional and mental state, and charm. Our beauty shows when we communicate. All our feelings are in our minds and hearts, so the inner beauty is what counts.

There are stereotyped canons of beauty which are standard in todays world but this does not mean only those who fit the stereotype are pretty. These are all just common standards. Being different is much more important and interesting than complying to common notions. There are more important things, such as health for example. People can be beautiful despite their physical condition.

Be aware of who you are and avoid envy, anger or resentment toward what you look like. Aim to be a joyful and positive person. This inspires others and will make other people happy to talk with you as people are attracted to positivity.

When a person becomes magnificent inside, it captures people.

Anna says growing up she felt shy like any other girl but has never let her physical condition affect her physical perception. She is in love, she has a son and she believes inner beauty. She accepts herself and has learnt to give love to others.
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