If a girl is experiencing puberty

Video done by Sasha via St. George International School, Cologne

Written by Mary Mwema,

As the girl turns 10, all over the world, her life is surely about to change.

Depending on where she lives, she will be treated differently but mostly, all girls will pass through the same thing. One thing is sure, life is life, whether you are born in the suburb of New York or in the jungle of Nepal, the needs are the same, expectations are also the same.

Girls, wherever you are, someone somewhere on this planet is going through what you are going through. The difference is how aware are you of yourself, your environment, your right, your duties, your future and the opportunities around you.

For sure by the time you are 11, 12 you know very little about what awaits you.
In these articles we are going to talk about what happens during puberty.


I am 10, 12, hurray! Happy birthday, What a wonderful day, the small girl is now almost a teenager.

Little did she know that major changes are about to happen.

To start with her body; She notices something is popping on her chest, woaaah!. Her friends too, they tease each other, maybe laugh about it, but for some it is devastating and they feel ashamed so they start to hide their growing chest. They put on heavy clothes to do so and can even withdraw from others especially if they are the first to develop breasts among their peers.

The good news is, all girls go through this and it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is the first most beautiful thing happening to you, that chest has to develop because in you there is a woman and a woman is precious. So be happy, love it.


Then comes the period, also known as menstruation! What is that word again? Have you ever heard of it before? Shhhh, it is top secret, only the big girls talk about it...no my little girl, we are going to tell you what it is so that you don't freak out when it happens. Shall we all go through it then?

Yes, if you are a girl (woman) there is no other way to it. We are created to carry future generation inside of us before it is born.

For that they must be preparation, so we have in our womb a kind of oven, it is meant to carry a baby when we are old enough to support it.

Every month, you will experience a flow of blood coming out from your private part; it comes out without your help. For urine, you feel the pressure and can go to toilet but this one comes out by itself. A normal period lasts 3 to 7 days. For some you'll feel nauseous, weak, uncomfortable and in some cases even to the point of vomiting and stomach cramps. I admit it is no fun but it is just one of the amazing things a woman's body does.

Where is all that blood from? In easy word, as the womb is preparing to receive a baby, if there is no baby, the womb surface will die just as dead skin on our body and peels off. The cycle will continue until we reach menopause (age of not being able to have children) which is at about 45 50 years old.

What to do?

1. If you have a bigger person around preferably mother or sister, don't be shy to tell them.

2. Wear a pad or wool in your pants to avoid messing yourself. Change the sanitary wear once it is full. Dispose of it appropriately (it cannot be flushed).

3. Keep clean at all time, bath at least twice a day and change whenever you feel wet.

4. Be discrete, not everyone should notice that you are having your period by your countenance and your cleanliness.

5. check you bedding to be sure that they are not stained if yes, clean the spot right away.

6. Always check the bathroom, toilet to be sure you have left it clean for the next person.
The secret is to keep clean at all times. It will help you avoid infections, bad odor or embarrassment...

Before you know it, you'll be used to it. So don't feel sad.


The small girl’s skin is changing too, becoming smooth, but her face oh oh!, pimples. Disaster, my face, what do I do?

Don't worry my friend, they are not there to stay, they will disappear the same way they came, it is just a matter of time. Just find a simple soap which will not irritate your skin, avoid fatty foods and body lotion on your face. Use baby powder yourself and eventually, you will be fine.


Body shape, hum! The small girl is becoming a lady, The hips are becoming large, for some it happens earlier than others it doesn't matter, we are all getting there.

Now my dear, you have seen how many changes have happened to your body alone, but in all this, Emotions.

While the body is changing, the girl will experience a lot of emotional changes. She is now aware of the effect of her presence among other people. She wants to have particular friends and wants to know if she is loved, noticed and appreciated. This is a serious time where she has to gain her confidence. Love herself and avoid copying others. We are all beautiful though different. Just keep clean, be presentable, wear acceptably and don’t mind the teasers and bullies.

We wish you a very joyful and happy transition from childhood to adulthood. Knowledge is power.

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Mary Mwema is an entrepreneur, wife, motivational speaker and mother who has raised six children (five girls) and Secretary of SAFIGI Outreach Foundation. She uses her experience as a woman to empower girls and give sound counsel.


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