If a girl is having emotional problems

By Nour Azhari  via  UN Volunteers

As you know we all have emotions. We can feel anger towards someone or some event that hurt us, happiness because of something good that happened, we sometimes feel  disgusted, disappointed,  stressed by something or even attracted by someone. Every day we experience so many of those emotions.

Since emotions are something that everyone experiences, how do you know if you  have an emotional problem? I will give you some tips

First of all it is important to understand that every choice a human makes is partly influenced by his emotions but the problem arises when your emotions completely take over your life and you are not anymore fully in control of your actions .

The first step in feeling better is to acknowledge that you have a problem.  Some signs of emotional instability include: mood shifts , feeling anxious suddenly for no rational reason. Also, if your emotions are so strong that they lead you to harm others around you or even yourself this could be a sign. 

Furthermore if you are depressed all the time and you feel you cannot do anything about it this should also be a warning sign for you .  In general it is when your emotions start ruling your life . This could be through depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, suicidal thoughts , schizophrenia etc..

Once you take full consciousness of your problem and truly decide to deal with it I promise you that the job is half done.

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The second step is to try to find out what is the cause of your emotional problem. It might be some tragic event that affected you a lot, or it might be someone that hurt you on purpose or even by accident, and it also might be that you did not get the love and attention you needed.

After doing that, you should work on separating yourself from the cause of your problem. For example if someone is causing those emotions in you should do your best to become independent from that person.

The following step is to avoid blaming other people for your emotional problems. It might be the case that these people are responsible for your problems but the only thing you can do that will make you feel better is to work on yourself. Expecting certain actions or behaviors from other people will only bring you frustration and it does not provide a long term solution

To help you get better you should try to see a therapist or you could even attend support groups depending on the setting you are more comfortable with.

Finally, apart from the professional help you might need, there are some things you can work on alone that will help you lead a more emotionally stable life. Try to surround yourself by people who truly care about you. If you cannot find a good surrounding one way to compensate would be to make time for an activity that you really enjoy . 

Another thing you will definitely benefit from is to do things that positively impact others. This might seem surprising but doing that actually helps build your self esteem a lot.

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Nour Azhari is a student in Biology. She is interested in Hospital Management, Neurology and Psychology. 


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