If a girl has no confidence

By Machelle Johnson via UN Volunteers

You have every reason to be confident. Do you always go out looking downtrodden, ashamed to let yourself be heard or afraid of rejection? Lack of confidence can cause all this. Being confident does not mean you won’t face rejection or some sort of trouble, being confident means no matter what happens you are still proud to be you and no one can easily make you feel worthless.

If you have a low self esteem or no confidence at all, you have to discover for yourself the reason why. Is it because other people intimidate you, do you consider that other people have it going better for them or that you are not worth it? In all honest truth, every single person goes through some sort of trouble but we mostly never see it because they never let it take over their life.

Having confidence has the potential to make your day a lot better so consider this. Before you leave your room, make sure you are looking your best and by your best, I mean that you are dressed well for yourself and not for anyone else. 

Believe that you are going to have a good day and say it out loud every time you look in the mirror when you wake up. Realize that other people are not better than you but you are also not better than them. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if you have no worth because you are worth it.

Be yourself at all times. Stop trying to fit in by trying to act like someone else, this will actually make you hide your real self and you won’t feel confident enough to show who you are. To be able to be yourself, you have to like and embrace who you really are. Groom your personality to its best.

If you are still struggling, surround yourself with true friends, people who understand you and are willing to help you. You can talk to a counselor or join a support group online or offline if this problem is affecting your quality of life. Seek the support of loving family and associate yourself with helpful colleagues. 

Avoid people who put you down and if there is someone who intimidates you, try to approach them in a friendly way and realize that they are people just like you. Don’t try to be like the coolest person you know. The coolest person you can ever be is you.

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About Machelle

Machelle has worked for the Department of Justice for nearly 11 years and owns a pageant interview coaching business, Pageant goddesses  A few years ago, Machelle walked into a boxing gym on a whim, and she's been there ever since. A woman who didn't think she was particularly athletic for most of her life until she found boxing, Machelle's platform is women's fitness - particularly via non-traditional sports (or, as she likes to call it, "women finding their perfect fit").

           Her first pageant as a competitor was with Pride of America, where she has won state and national titles and many other awards.  Just this past May Machelle won the highest title Pride of America awards:  Queen of Queens. Visit her Website:  www.pageantgoddesses.com 


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