If a girl wants a role model

By Diana Brandl via UN Volunteers

Every person needs a mentor, someone to look up to and see as a role model.  A role model is a strong, trustworthy guide who possesses the quality or character that you seek in life.

When looking for a role model, ask yourself these questions. Is your role model happy with their life? Are they helpful to others? Is the life they are living something similar to the one you want to live?

Remember, role models are only human so they cannot be perfect, but make sure they hold a strong quality of what you believe in. Having a role model can give you a clear picture of the things you want out of life and will help you make better decisions for yourself.

What if you don’t have a role model? It is easy to find a role model if you really want to. Look to the people around you, your parents, siblings, teachers, the lady at the library, social workers and so on.

Many girls look to media for role models, that is okay too but always remember that you don’t really know who those celebrities are behind closed doors. Besides, if you need a mentor, your favorite celebrity might be too busy to give you one on one advice.

I hope your journey to finding a role model will be fulfilling.

Don’t forget, you can be a role model too, simply by the life you live. 

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Diana lives in Berlin, Germany. She is 36 years old and married. She says, "My family also consists of our little dog Phoebe who brings joy to our lives each day. I am working in the field of Office Management / Communications. I am a very active supporter of my profession and constantly network with women around the globe regarding various topics."


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