If a girl wants to abstain

By Florence Laraiyetan via UN Volunteers

Sex is such a big deal these days. You see sex idolized in media, everywhere you look something is sexualized. It’s like the world is screaming ‘No place for virgins’ and you don’t want your friends to keep giving you that eye when they see you talking to a boy, their eyes screaming to you that ‘it’s time…’ It’s time you joined everyone in the ‘no virginity lane…’ everyone lives there anyway.

What I am here to tell you is that the choice to have sex or not, is truly yours and no one else’s. Just to let you know, you will not look any different or act any different after you have sex, the only thing that would have changed is that you will allow someone else to see the carnal you and that is the most vulnerable moment in life whether you are in a relationship or it’s just a one night stand.

Do you still need convincing? Not having sex until you are ready will save you the stress of birth control pills, worrying about STIs or STDs, worrying about if you are good enough in bed, panicking when you miss your period, thinking whether you should really sleep with every guy you date. Keep your virginity and it’s ok to keep it until you are married.

If someone is forcing you into having sex, think clearly about their intentions. Don’t just do it to get over with it, this is your body and your body is your government, never fall for peer pressure. 

image source: newhumanist.org.uk

There is nothing wrong with you. Be safe.

About Florence

Florence formed a group with secondary school girls in 2004. The major focus of the meeting was to make girls appreciate the importance of completing their secondary education without teenage/unwanted pregnancies, with good grades and implications of HIV and AIDS. Also, she was able to help some of the girls with various social and psychological problems as a result of family problems, rape, among others. this was a volunteer work.

She is a Nigerian by nationality and presently, lives in Botswana with her husband who is a Medical Doctor with the Ministry of Health in Botswana. She has three children.


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