If a girl wants to have sex for the first time

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Article written by Diana Huaman

This is all you need to know before and after having sex.

Sex for the first time

“Make sure it is the right person, right place and the right time” is something that I think every woman has to evaluate carefully when deciding to have sex for the first time.

Virginity is something that does not return and losing it means doing it forever so that’s why you don’t have to rush, also to avoid consequences you are not looking for (such as an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease) and start your sex life positively.

No one can pressure you to have sex. It is a decision that you yourself should take and which must be fully convinced. Sex is not going to improve the relationship or help you “win back” your partner. Who really loves you, will NEVER press you (directly or indirectly) to do anything you're not sure.

What Happens During First Time Sex? 

Sexual intercourse between two people starts with both of them getting sexually excited as a result of kissing, stroking, caressing, rubbing and touching each other. This sexual excitement will result in certain physical signs: for girls/women, the vagina begins to moisten. The boy/man will get an erection.

It is important that this stimulation goes on for long enough, because if the girl is not sexually excited enough, then her vagina will not be lubricated and moist enough, and it will be difficult for the boy's penis to enter the girl's vagina (and it will hurt).

If you have got to this point, something you have to remember is that unprotected sex will put your body at risk (diseases, unwanted pregnancy) so protect yourself!

Be confident enough to suggest using a condom and make sure you both know how to use it before you arrive to this situation.

Other thing you have to know is that first-time sex can be painful or hurt sometimes, which is normal, since some girls or young women do bleed a little bit and it usually occurs because the girl has a hymen which breaks the first time she has sexual intercourse.

The hymen is a small piece of thin skin which goes across the opening of the vagina and protects it when she is young. Sometimes a girl might already have broken her hymen without knowing about it (as a result of playing sports, riding a bike or horse riding, etc.) and that’s why they do not bleed.

What Happens after Your First Time Sex? 

Some people say your body changes, and your mood changes but this is not always true. What is true and what is important to know are what care you should take once you have had your first sexual intercourse.

1. You should have your first Pap smear. 

PAP is a screening test for cervical cancer. It looks for abnormal cells on your cervix that could turn into cancer over time. Moreover, PAP also shows the presence of infection or inflammation on your cervix and vagina that you might have as a result of your sexual live. 

That way, problems can be found and treated before they ever turn into cancer. Continue having a Pap smear once a year until you've had at least 3 normal ones.

After this, you should have a Pap smear at least every 3 years, unless your health care provider thinks you need them more often. Keep having Pap smears throughout your life, even after you've gone through menopause.

2.   Get the best hygiene you can

Both, you and your partner must have extra doses of personal hygiene in order to prevent diseases.

3.  Visit a gynecologist. 

Getting pregnant is not the greatest worry; there are loads of sexually transmitted diseases that you can get so visiting a gynecologist will help you to continue a normal sexual live, avoiding all this things. Gynecologist will recommend you the right birth control pills you have to take, the ways to prevent any kind of disease, etc.

These are some useful things that would be worth thinking about if you want to remain sexually active, healthy and continue having sex. And remember to don’t do anything that you don't want to do: If you're not comfortable with something, if you’re not sure, don't do it. 

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Diana, 21, from Peru is an International Business student and a teacher too. She would love to travel the world, study translation to learn different languages, start her own company one day and contribute to society through education.

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"I am an avid public health student and aspire to be a passionate public health practitioner. My aim is to serve the marginalised sections of society and I am a staunch believer of equity in health and of health as a human right. I am open to undertaking challenges in the field of public health My interest areas include: Women empowerment Maternal and Child health Health Economics Epidemiology and Biostatistics."


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