If a girl feels worthless

By Claudia via UN Volunteers

What really is the price of human life? I tell you that human life is precious. Your life is worth more than precious jewels or all the gold in the world. Do you know why? Because before you were born, you did not sign a contract to be made human. You were the only fertilized of a million others to be the human that you are.  You cannot even control your heart beat or the breath that fills your lungs this very minute.

You are the only person with your fingerprint and DNA in a world that has 7 Billion people and your life is supported by a huge ball of fire just far away and near enough for you to survive. In short you are a miracle! Everything on the earth is built to support your life.

Even after all this, it is still possible to feel worthless, unloved, a misfit and unwanted. The universe is working to support your life but it’s like the people around you do not care for you as much as the nature that is here to support your living.

In a world full of 7 Billion people, you feel alone and neglected, you don’t know why no one likes you or you’ve done some things in your past that now make you feel like you don’t even deserve to be alive. Sometimes you feel disgusted and angry at the person you turned out to be. If this describes you, I would like to tell you once more, you are worth more than precious jewels.

source: myvidaspa.wordpress.com

Never judge your worth by human standards, by what media, society or friends tell you. No one is perfect so don’t let anyone tell you that you are not enough! You may feel downcast maybe because of the way you look, where you are from, what you cannot afford, your ability to read or write well, a disability, you may be embarrassed of your family’s status, you are discriminated  or maybe  because you’ve been hearing a message of defeat and never hope your entire life.

When you feel worthless, take a deep breath, imagine the nearest tree and know that it is providing oxygen just for you to live. Then think of all the people who have made your life what it is, do not ignore simple moments and appreciate them. Love yourself in all your forms and start to build a positive self-image. There are people who won’t like you no matter what and there are people who will love you in any way, stick to those who love and build you.

Love yourself, accept your defeat as lessons and when you feel worthless, remember that you are one in billions. Make your life the magic you want it to be. Love yourself.


Claudia is Ecuadorian and Brazilian and has a civil engineering degree. She says: I am a positive person even though I have had my ups and downs in life as everybody else. I believe that with a positive attitude and hard work we can overcome pretty much anything. In my relatively short life, 

I have learnt we should only be concerned with what we think of ourselves, we should make an effort to become a person we could be proud of. I am not even close to that but I work every day to be able to achieve it. I joined the UN volunteers about a month ago and I hope I can make a difference, however small it may be. If I make someone smile or help them in any way I would have accomplished my purpose.


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