If a girl self harms

By Bogdan via UN Volunteers

Self harm is an issue that many teens deal with and most do it in secret. If you are a girl who self harms, this video is for you. I know, many people do not understand what self harm is or why anyone would do it. The answer is never simple.

Self harm is deliberate injury or poisoning your body but usually without the intention of suicide. Substance abuse and eating disorders are also a form of self harm. A person who is self harming usually knows what they are doing and the reason they are doing it.

The most common reasons for self harming is to cope with underlying issues such as stress, trauma, depression, emotional or sexual abuse and personality disorders among others. Self harm is used as an expression of the feelings inside, it is a channel to let out those emotions even if the method is harmful in itself. Consequences of self harm can be life threatening infections, mental disorders and addiction to name a few.

If you self harm, firstly do not judge yourself. Accept that this is an issue you have to deal with and make a plan on how to deal with it. Setting goals to reach a point where you do not harm yourself will help you not to relapse. Recognize the real issue causing you to self harm, you cannot stop self harming if you do not deal with this issue first.

A therapist or telling a trusted friend can help you on your journey. Don’t suffer alone, there are many people who are suffering from self harm so join a social group online or offline of people who have quit self harming, this is a way to get inspiration from others that you can really be free from self harm. Find new creative and non harmful ways to deal with stress, find a hobby, get a pet or practice meditation.

Source: The butterfly project.

There is a wrong belief that people who self harm are actually just seeking attention to themselves. This is not true but that doesn’t mean the problem they are dealing with should be ignored.


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