If a girl wants to be promoted at work

By Manan via UN Volunteers

Choosing and advancing a career of your choice is a right you should exercise. Once you get a job, you should have equal opportunity to be recognized and even be promoted.

If you are working towards being recognized or promoted at work, keep this in mind; know when you want to be promoted – set a goal towards that but make sure that your goal is realistic and that you have a good plan set to get this promotion.

To be promoted at your work, you have to be at least good at it so make sure you improve your craft and do your best at what you do. Doing other people’s work for them will not get you promoted so avoid it because it distracts you from doing your own work properly.

Once you are good at your work, talk to your boss or supervisor about your intention to be promoted, without putting any pressure on them. Tell them your goals, how you are working toward your goal and what you expect your promotion to be and when. Be sure to mention how much of a salary increase you expect and why you deserve the raise.

Do not threaten your boss or supervisor for a promotion and avoid blackmailing or using tactics unrelated to your work to get that promotion because it might backfire. Use your aim for a promotion to advance the company and your own work experience.
Source. www.arindamchattopadhyay.com

If you have a competitor for the promotion, it is okay to let them know that you are interested in that promotion too. This prevents any in-office conflict after the promotion has taken place because everyone would know your intention. If however, you do not get the promotion for whatsoever reason do not sulk and lose interest in your work instead focus on what caused you to lose the promotion and find a way to improve that.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly at your work, consider finding a job where you will be appreciated and allowed to grow. And most important of all, choose a career you love.


A current high school student, Manan Modi is a rising junior at John P. Stevens High School in Edison, New Jersey. Fascinated by technology from a young age, Manan has always sparked an interest in computers. In his middle school years, Manan originally made videos on YouTube about video games, but he never knew that his hobby could be applied in real-world situations. Over the years, he has honed his talent by learning programs such as Camtasia Studio, Sony Vegas, and Adobe Photoshop CS6. 

When given the opportunity to volunteer with both the SAFIGI Outreach Foundation and the United Nations, Manan was ecstatic to learn that he could contribute to the humanitarian cause by utilizing his video-editing skills. An advocate of women's rights, he hopes to further convey his message by continuing to work with SAFIGI. 

You can view Manan's portfolio here


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