If a girl has trust issues

By Amanda via UN Volunteers

Trust is like a mirror, you can’t fix it if it’s broken, so they say. They never mention that you can easily walk over the shattered pieces even when you thought you had it all cleaned up. Yes, that is trust, once it is broken, it is not only hard to put back together but will potentially hurt you even more.

Why trust anyone at all, you may ask, it only gives someone a chance to hurt us. Yes there is a risk someone can hurt your heart but there is more than equal chance that someone can also bless your heart.

Trust is the strongest foundation any relationship can have and without trust, a healthy relationship cannot last. Human society grew to what it is today by relationship with one another and for relationships to be formed you will need to trust someone in order to relate to them no matter the type of relationship.

So what do you do if your ability to trust has been broken by disappointment, betrayal , heart break or something else? It is okay to be skeptical if your gut tells you something is wrong but losing the ability to trust is actually causing you to judge people before you have a real chance to meet them. It draws you to make assumptions that are wrong and possibly harmful.

Being unable to trust is actually a burden to the heart because you will have the thought that every person is out there to hurt you which will prevent you from building meaningful connection with other people.

It’s true, there are bad people out there, users or those who just want to waste our time but we have to learn to separate who is good for us and who can be harmful for us by trusting our gut. Not being able to trust clouds our judgment.

Have you been struggling with trust issues? First, you will have to admit to yourself that you have trust issues. Secondly, do not justify the reason you cannot trust everyone. I know your experience is real and there to guide you but true happiness sometimes comes with a risk. 

Surround yourself with positive people and if you see a valid sign that someone is up to no good with you, trust your gut and avoid them. It is okay to talk about this with your loved ones and even visit a therapist for counseling if your problem is too deep.

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Amanda is currently an Organizational Communication student from De La Salle University. Usually found composing songs, reading, writing stories or blogging, she's a girl with a wide range and variety of emotions and a great passion for novelty. 

Her lifelong dream is to help make a change in the world, one small step at a time. Can be defined using tons of different opposing adjectives and thus, she calls herself "a paradox in motion." To know more about her quirkiness, check out throughtheparadox.tumblr.com


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