If a girl is attacked

By Amy, SAFIGI Volunteer

An attack is a physical, emotional or mental confrontation that is aimed at causing harm to the victim. An attack can be lauched by anyone regardless of age and gender, and at any time.

If you are faced with an attack, do the following:

1. Take a Step Back

The easiest response to an attack on us is to react immediately. This is an important thing if the danger is imminent, but if there is time to think of run away - it is best to avoid the situation.

2. Understand the Attack and What the Attacker Wants

Why is the attack happening and what does the attacker aim to achieve are key points you need to know when dealing with a volatile situation in order to know the best response.

3. What Kind of Attack is It?

An attack can be physical, emotional, mental, or psychological. Understand the type of attack you are facing so that your response can be effective.

4. Defend Yourself

If the situation cannot be avoided, find a way to defend yourself. Taking some effective self defense classes will equip you physically and also prep you mentally.

For any type of attack, see a professional and never be afraid to ask for help.

5. Resolve Any Issues that can prompt another Attack

Sometimes defending yourself can only resolve an issue for a short while. Find a way to put an end to an environment that is hazardous to your health and safety by consulting a professional in that field. Be sure that your solutions are legal.

In all of this, remember that an attack is never your fault. Victims should never carry the guilt of the perpetrators.

Be safe.


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