Bullying and Abuse At School Should End

By Muhkamat Anwar via UN Online Volunteering

Bullying exists in our society. Physical and psychological violence victims can feel alienated by society, and can cause a person to be unsocial.

Children and juveniles are mostly the center of bullying behavior. Unwittingly, the victim really feels hurt. This is my story, and of course, it must have been experienced by many children and juvenile worldwide.

I am now 21 years old working in my country in Asia. When I was in elementary school, I experienced bullying, although it was not severe in my opinion. By 6th grade, I only had two friends. My other classmates did not think of me as their friend. This case started because I did not want to give my homework to them. The ill treatment caused to me by my classmates started at the beginning of the first semester in grade 6 and went on until graduation.

My worst year was in ninth grade at junior high school. Without any cause, I got a harsh treatment such as beatings using a large piece of paper or other objects in the class. I was insulted and this really hurt me. At that time I was really upset and I tried to fight, but there were too many bullies. At that time I wished I never knew them. What they did to me was inhuman and against the freedom of human rights as God's intelligent creatures.

When I graduated from junior high school, I hoped never to see them again. My prayers were answered, and when I got into high-school I felt happy that the bullying will stop.  However, the bullying was still there although slightly. I told my classmates to refrain from bullying or violence and a positive impact would come from it.

Right now I have completed my college diploma and work in the public service in my country. I am very proud of the success that I have achieved, which would not have happened if I had given in to the bullies.

Bullying is not only at school. Teenagers, especially women face bullying concerning their weight. I usually asked my friend what they thought by calling someone fat. I feel that bullying someones weight is bad, and encourage women to speak out and please share your story and your feelings about it. This is about #SharingNotShaming.

My name is Muhkamat Anwar, nickname is anwar. I was born in Kediri, East Java Indonesia June 22nd 1994. Now, I have worked as a public service in Indonesia tax office (Ministry of Finance). I am strongly against violence, as God's creatures have a sense of equality should be upheld. With no bad treatment then it will become a world more peaceful and prosperous.


  1. if you are a girl and suffer from bullying at school you can easily tell to someone to get protection.
    When you are a student all what you have to study, do your hw and that's all


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