Don't Let Bullying Lower Your Self Esteem

Story submitted by Mwila Mwaba via SAFIGI Volunteering

Nachizya Edith Namukanga is a third year student at the University of Zambia pursuing a degree in development studies. She is the founder of Girls Unite, a non-governmental organisation which targets girls from grade ten to grade twelve encouraging them to be the change they want to see.

Her compassion to help stems from the fact that she was bullied in secondary school, negatively impacting her self-esteem. Through guidance, counselling and the support from her loved ones, she overcame her doubts, her fears and her insecurities.

Nachizya is a brave, driven and self-motivated young lady committed to the plight of girls throughout the world and making a difference one school at a time.  She is a keen believer in addressing issues girls face head on and helping girls one school at a time.


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