Anjala from India: Everyday A Girl #EDAG

By Dishi Khandelwal

This is Anjala story for #EverydayAGirl, as shared by Dishi Khandelwal via UN Online Volunteers.

Anjala is 24 years old. She works as a house help in Mumbai, India in order to support her family.  

Due to a permanent eye impairment, finding employment was difficult for Anjala.

Her family includes her father, mother, and two sisters - who got married with her help and support. With the money she earns every month, she sends to her ailing parents in West Bengal, India. Since she didn’t receive education during her childhood, her means of earning is restricted to house work.

Anjala loves watering plants. She finds it to be a soothing activity.

Her day begins at 8:00 am. She starts by watering the plants. She finds this activity soothing, and hence makes sure to start her day with it. When she sees the house she works in is looking beautiful and filled with flora, she feels a sense of accomplishment, as the plants look bright and fresh, because of her. She takes pride in doing her job.

Anjala and her employer working together.

This is the woman Anjala works for. She is a kind and generous woman. She makes sure that all the house work doesn’t fall on Anjala's shoulders alone, and regularly helps her with washing the utensils, clothes, and cooking food. 

Anjala has learned and improved her cooking skills because of her. And now, Anjala’s cooking is preferred by everyone in the family. She makes delicious pasta, Chinese food, noodles, burgers, and Indian sweets. She says, she has been learning one thing or the other every day in her life because of her. She treats Anjala as her own.

Anjala carefully preparing stew.

Due to permanent impairment in her right eye, Anjala was denied employment as a house help in several houses. The employers were afraid she might damage something due to her inability to see properly. Now, with her current employer, she makes sure that she concentrates more, so that she doesn’t damage anything. Her employer has described her as an extremely smart woman, since she is a quick learner and works efficiently, any job, small or big.

Anjala laughing with a friend who is now family to her.

This is her friend, who also works as house helps in Mumbai. She’s her family in Mumbai. Whenever Anjala starts to miss her family, or gets lonely, she finds comfort in her. She has made Anjala forget her woes with her altruism. She makes Anjala's life easier with just her presence. 

They make sure to meet every day and discuss their daily lives. They together go sometimes to eat Chinese food, which they enjoy very much. She is an integral part of her life now.

The story of Everyday a Girl, tagged #EDAG, is a glance into the lives of ordinary women through a series of poignant photo stories. These series of images will visually express the roles, challenges, activities and duties that females in diverse communities face in their daily lives.

SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd, a volunteer-run NGO registered in Zambia, implemented EDAG in order to place a strong emphasis on positively redefining the role of females in our society. This campaign highlights that gender equality and equity, woman empowerment, and safety for the girls is key to the world’s socio-economic development.


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