Romania's Superwoman: Everyday A Girl #EDAG

By Melissa Elle

This is the story of Nuta for #EverydayAGirl, as shared by Melissa Elle via UN Online Volunteers.

Nuta is a 37 years old Romanian woman, mother of 2 children and my aunt. The first thing she must do after she wakes up is to dress up. This is before her morning routine.


Once she’s ready she has to prepare the chicken feed.

She enjoys watching how the little birds eat all that she has prepared. 

The next step on a summer day is digging. She has to dig the carrots in the garden and evaluate their growth day by day.

When she finishes with the garden she comes inside and makes the fire for cooking.

On the day this picture was taken, Nuța baked some potatoes which we served with cheese.

After feeding the family, she must help her father-in-law (my grandfather) with the beekeeping activities. 

When evening is close, Nuța must milk the cow .

After she "has a talk" with the cow, she comes inside to boil the milk.

At the end of the day, before it gets dark, Nuța loves to crochet something because it relaxes her. In this way she is ready for the next exhausting day.

The story of Everyday a Girl, tagged #EDAG, is a glance into the lives of ordinary women through a series of poignant photo stories. These series of images will visually express the roles, challenges, activities and duties that females in diverse communities face in their daily lives.

SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd, a volunteer-run NGO registered in Zambia, implemented EDAG in order to place a strong emphasis on positively redefining the role of females in our society. This campaign highlights that gender equality and equity, woman empowerment, and safety for the girls is key to the world’s socio-economic development.


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