Kiia from Finland: Everyday A girl

By Kiia Strömmer

This is the story of Kiia Strömmer for #EverydayAGirl, as shared via UN Online Volunteers.

This is Kiia, a 21-year old university student from Finland, and this is what her day is like as #Everydayagirl.

First thing in the morning, she goes out to run to give a day good start. She thinks about what are her keys to be happy during her day:

Feel comfortable with yourself in your own skin and clothes.

Have a good job that challenges you to be better and making progress.

Develop and educate yourself.

Do sports you like and keeping yourself healthy. 

Spending time with people you love.

“Whatever you decide to do with your days, make sure it makes you happy.”

Because being happy is the most important thing. Before she goes to sleep, she writes down things that make her happy and what she is grateful about- by doing that you will focus on the good thighs and be much happier. 

“Every day may not be good but there is something good in everyday.”

The story of Everyday a Girl, tagged #EDAG, is a glance into the lives of ordinary women through a series of poignant photo stories. These series of images will visually express the roles, challenges, activities and duties that females in diverse communities face in their daily lives.

SAFIGI Outreach Foundation Ltd, a volunteer-run NGO registered in Zambia, implemented EDAG in order to place a strong emphasis on positively redefining the role of females in our society. This campaign highlights that gender equality and equity, woman empowerment, and safety for the girls is key to the world’s socio-economic development.


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