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Equality Culture

Girl’s and women’s voices matter. The #EqualityCulture discussions from across the globe will challenge us to think critically about equality from views of different cultures, thereby creating a first step to a more equal and safer world while embracing our unique values.

Listen to Girls Voices on Equality Culture

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Safety Report

The Safety Report by SAFIGI is a two-fold Open research on 'Core Issues Affecting Safety of Girls in the Developing World.' The first part of the Safety Report is a Research Paper featuring 8 female researchers from 4 continents. The second part is a detailed Data Analysis on safety in 5 countries.

Learn What It Takes to Keep Girls Safe


Photo Stories

Everyday A Girl

The story of Everyday A Girl, tagged #EDAG, is a glance into the lives of ordinary women through a series of poignant photostories. These series of images will visually express the roles, challenges, activities and duties that females in diverse communities face in their daily lives. 

Read the Girl Rising Finalist Award Stories

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Sharing Not Shaming

We launched the #SharingNotShaming Campaign in order to raise awareness, retain power and defend our human dignity by pulling down any limiting dogmas set by society that are inhibiting self growth, self acceptance and development.

Be Inspired to Shed Off Shame Here


If A Girl?

If A Girl project is a series of videos answering key questions girls may have when growing up. These videos were uniquely made for our Community of girls and feature survivors, a beauty pageant winner, PhD holders, persons living with disabilities, and even a Student UN club group.

Have A Burning Question? Find Answers

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Safety Education

The importance of Safety cannot be ignored especially that it is as important as breathing, eating, shelter and reproduction. The Safety Education Course Lesson Plans that will easily guide educators and parents in teaching their young people on the multifaceted aspect of safety in a friendly and interactive manner.

Grab a Handbook To Teach Girls Safety



We have hosted and attended a myriad of events across the years to set a foundation for girls safety. 

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Our work would not be complete if policies and laws remain the same. We speak for girls at these meetings.

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