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We have a board of Volunteers who have been dedicated to SAFIGI Outreach Foundation and serve in various capacities to ensure we achieve our mandate of advancing safety for girls.

We have a distributed leadership and anyone can apply to be a Volunteer or become a member for free.

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Hadassah is founder of SAFIGI (Safety First for Girls) Outreach Foundation. She started SAFIGI as a blog in 2012, as a way to explore femininity, safety, and growth as a coming to age for girls. The blog blossomed with webinars on safety of girls and in 2014 was registered in Zambia.  A core concept of SAFIGI is to find and then solve the core issues affecting the safety of girls in developing regions. This is so that the girl can be empowered, equipped and fulfilled in every aspect of her life so as to contribute to global development. Hadassah leads SAFIGIs frameworks of Safety Education, Advocacy, which is backed by Research. She ensures SAFIGI maintains it's distributed open leadership model necessary for a non-traditional inter-sectional feminist organization.

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Debbie joined SAFIGI in its early days as co-founder of Safety First for Girls in 2014, charged with technical and administrative aspects of running a foundation; her invaluable wit in coining the acronym 'SAFIGI' and early advice on operations; starting with the Share Your Care campaign which involved volunteers from South East Asia to the latest capacity strengthening for youth-led organizations project under Hivos South East Africa. Her background in Architectural design brought new perspectives for economic empowerment strategies for women in the developing world.




Shucheesmita was one of SAFIGIs very first volunteers, starting out as a Social Media Manager. In pursuit of a career shift from commerce to conflict resolution, Safety First for Girls became her starting point in 2014. Shucheesmita contributed largely to the Safety Report by SAFIGI on core issues affecting safety of girls in the developing world, her key focus being Rohingya refugees. Her work as editor of the English version of Women Chapter filled the gap in collaborative intersectional feminist storytelling; a powerful movement to establish the voices of those who have been long silenced. As Policy Director of SAFIGI, she is bringing to the forefront her knowledge from the 
MA in Human Rights, Gender, and Conflict: Social Justice Perspectives which she received from the International Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands. 




Abantika joined SAFIGI as Volunteer Manager in 2019 and has already made strides in building upon the existing positive volunteer culture at Safety First for Girls. The powerful #EqualityCulture podcast was under her safe patronage, in which we garnered voices of women across the globe to capture both positive and negative aspects of culture in their societies. These discussions will set a backbone for a societal culture that puts gender equality at the forefront. As an educator herself, Abantika is working to deploy Safety Education at grassroots levels.




Katongo became part of SAFIGIs family in 2016, joining as Volunteer Manager. She was SAFIGIs administrator on UN Online Volunteers service and took charge of the Safety Report volunteer recruitment and management of researchers, data collectors, and analysts. Her organizational skills made it possible for SAFIGI to maintain an organized list of volunteers, and ensure our volunteers have all their needs to complete given tasks. After taking a hiatus to focus on her studies, she has resumed at SAFIGI as a Community Manager, the first of this role to focus on care for our members, safety policies for our community and ensuring our community is engaged in processes necessary for a safer world for girls.




Steffica is SAFIGI's Editor, where she enjoys wrangling great ideas into a clear and digestible shape. She first started volunteering with SAFIGI as a researcher in 2017, writing her contribution to the global Safety Report as she travelled through Latin America. Her thesis, which focused on trafficking in persons, gang violence and the culture of machismo in Latin America, earned her a nomination for the United Nations Online Volunteer of the Year award.  Steffica is responsible for the Everyday A Girl #EDAG photostory book editorial which led SAFIGI to be finalist in the Girl Rising Creative Challenge by HP in 2018, and she has edited the Sharing Not Shaming book to be released on the international day of the girl in 2019.

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Maddison's premier as Project Lead for Campaigns after joining SAFIGI in 2019 was the launch of a bi-weekly newsletter featuring latest news, opportunities, and activities for the SAFIGI Community. Her collaborative role connects Safety First for Girls volunteer board with the work of the wider community by bridging the two with the intent of advancing discussion on safety of girls. She is working hand in hand with the Community Manager and Volunteer Manager to plan activities or events to highlight celebrations and battles to be won on gender equality.




Busiku's interest in Safety First for Girls begun after attending a SAFIGI workshop at the University of Zambia in 2017. She joined as Project Lead for Campaigns in 2018, her goal being working with grassroots communities in Zambia on Sexual and Health Rights, Adolescent health, and activism. She is lead on SAFIGIs participation in the Hivos East - Southern Africa capacity building of youth-led organizations focusing on ASRHR, and is part of the Sex Rights network youth campaigning for tax-free sanitary wear. Busiku's positive influence in her community has allowed SAFIGI to reach more grassroots communities in ensuring dignity and safety for adolescents sex and health rights.



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