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We have a board of Volunteers who have been dedicated to SAFIGI Outreach Foundation and serve in various capacities to ensure we achieve our mandate of advancing safety for girls.

We have a distributed leadership and anyone can apply to be a Volunteer or become a member for free.

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Esther graduated Summa Cum Laude in Bachelor of Arts Journalism. She is Founder and Chairperson of SAFIGI Outreach Foundation. She is also an independent researcher, a freelance journalist, amateur photographer and a youth in Internet Governance as ISOC Youth@IGF fellow 2017 that took place at United Nations of Geneva, and she is  Founding President of Digital Grassroots.  She is a contributor on and, a certified 'scratch code' trainer, a certified Open Knowledge Advocate, a certified trained World Youth Alliance member, and a Mozilla Open Leader.  Tweet her @hadassahlouis.




Debbie Mwema is one of SAFIGIs Co-Founders and serves on the board of guarantors as an Advisor. She holds a Honors degree in architecture design &technology and believes architecture is one of the best ways we can create a sustainable safe environment and happy place to live in. She has a passion for art, and has always believed in gender equality and equity as a strong foundation for a safer society. She has served with SAFIGI Outreach Foundation since 2014.



Mwaka C. Mwandwe holds a BA in Psychology and History from the University of Zambia. She has been passionate about public health since she was 18 years old with key interest toward Adolescents, and inclined to behavioral change and social justice. Her work experience, mainly in the NGO sector, have been boardered on Sexual Reproductive Health, life skills, human rights and promotion of Gender Equality. She loves to read varieties of books, watch movies and subtitled series. Her favorite pet is a cat and if she had the chance, she would declare a world junk food day so she can proudly store chocolate for it. She has been Volunteer Manager for SAFIGI since 2016.



Shucheesmita Simonti is currently pursuing her MA in Human Rights, Gender, and Conflict: Social Justice Perspectives from International Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands. She also holds an MA in International Relations from South Asian University, New Delhi. She is also working as editor of Women Chapter and has been working with SAFIGI for nearly 4 years. She is also a member of the Hague Peace Projects in the Netherlands. Tweet her @shuchee91




Steffica is SAFIGI's Editor, where she enjoys wrangling great ideas into a clear and digestible shape. She first started volunteering with SAFIGI as a researcher in 2017, writing her contribution to the global Safety Report as she travelled through Latin America. Her thesis, which focused on trafficking in persons, gang violence and the culture of machismo in Latin America, earned her a nomination for the United Nations Online Volunteer of the Year award. 

Steffica is also a staunch open data advocate, and has been helping to communicate the value and vision of an open world at the Open Data Institute since 2014. When she's not talking about open data, or throwing herself into other humanitarian projects, she loves travelling to exotic locations, dancing hip hop and watching the world go by with a cup of tea and a good book. Tweet her @stefficawarwick



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