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Susan is a 19 year old girl from California. She is studying for a Biology degree at the University of California.

Susan starts her day by going to the communal bathroom of the dormitory to freshen up. She then goes through her basic hygiene routine, packs her bag, grabs a small breakfast and heads to work or for school.

She works as a lab helper in one of the Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics lab at her university. Her work includes assuring the proper use of the lab materials, preparing the solutions and keeping the basics of the lab going.

Most of her classes are based around science and mathematics because she wants to pursue her degree as a biomedical research minor. She is taking a biomedical class.

Usually she ends her day by working for few hours or doing her homework or laundry. Sometimes she goes out with her friends. Most of the time, she stays in her dorm all by herself just to reflect.

Susan’s story tells us about her devotion and dedication to educate herself in the field she wants to work in. Her daily routine explains that to be successful, one has to lead a disciplined and structural life. Her story is a true inspiration of girls who want  to pursue STEM fields.

This was the story of Susan by Vivian Wan.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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