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Equality Culture in Spain

Podcast 5 by Soumiya Drir via UN Online Volunteers Service

EQUALITY CULTURE PERSPECTIVES FROM SPAINThis podcast covered stereotypes of women in Spanish culture, wage gap, and religion. We also highlight some issues like early marriages and female genital mutilation in Zambia, and some aspects of US culture.
LISTEN IN:  Positive Aspects of Equality Culture

LISTEN IN: Negative Aspects of Equality Culture


Equality Culture is a podcast by SAFIGI Outreach Foundation (Safety First for Girls). The discussions on the intersection between Culture and Gender Equality build on SAFIGIs goal for SDG 5 - gender equality and equity, and SDG 11- safer cities. Safety of girls begins with a safe space to talk about what is working in our culture and what needs to be improved.

Culture and various traditions play an integral part of a people who share common everyday experiences. It is a unifying factor which gives each group an identity and sense of belonging detailing the rich history…

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