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​If A Girl is a video series that serves as a Q&A for questions young girls would have growing up. These videos offer byte-sized advice, encouragement, and some answers from our community of people who want girls to be safer. These videos include answers from survivors, a beauty pageant winner, PhD holders, persons living with disabilities, and even a Student UN club group. The project came up with over 50 videos, most available on the      Safety First for Girls newly created Youtube page.









Special thanks from SAFIGI to the following contributors who contributed to the If A Girl project:

  • Aime Hutton [Canada] 

  • April Lomax [USA]

  • Amanda Arambulo [Philippines]

  • Alinne  Lopes Gomes [Brazil]

  • Amy Chang [China]

  • Bogdan Vaida [Romania]

  • Bruna de Oliveira Farias [Brazil]

  • Cathleen Soko [Philippines]

  • Claudia Prehn [Ecuador & Brazil]

  • Diana Brandl [Germany]

  • Diana  Sisko [USA]

  • Dorothy Akuffo [Ghana]

  • Faith Allen [UK]

  • Florence Laraiyetan [Botswana]

  • Jezile Fe Torculas [Philippines]

  • Kamesha Gordon [USA]

  • Kreeta Taponen [Ireland] 

  • Machelle Johnson [USA]

  • Mariia Aleksevych [Ukraine]

  • Manan Modi [USA]

  • Myrto Delkou [Greece]

  • Nang Shwe Yin [Myanmar]

  • Nour Azhari [Lebanon]

  • Patricia Jenkings (Dr) [Australia]

  • Prerna Bakshi [India]

  • Rubeliza Castaneda  & Reina [Philippines]

  • Ruchika Sharma [India]

  • Sarah Kristine Castro [Philippines]

  • Shalini Roy [India]

  • Sontia Levy [USA]

  • Stela Koleva [Bulgaria]

  • St. George International School UN Club [Germany]

  • Valerie Nemykina [Ukraine]

  • Viona Muliru [Kenya]

UN Online Volunteering.PNG

If A Girl was made possible with the active support of UN Online Volunteers mobilized via

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