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Give girls the tools to regain and retain power and autonomy to solve their safety concerns in dignity, thereby making systemic patriarchal and ineffective middlemen obsolete. ​


A world that is safe for every girl


1.    Curate a safe space for girls and young women through the practice of holistic Safety Education

2.    Advocate for girls safety through active engagement in relevant policy discussions, events, blogging and social media activism


3.    Lead in intersectional Research and Development to develop Holistic Safety Analysis and Interventions for the most pressing safety needs of girls

Scope of Work

1. Safety Education { Holistic Safety (O-SEC) curriculum and Media: Blogs and Videos}

2. Advocacy {Community Support via. Events and Policy}

3. Research and Development {Safety Reports and Holistic Safety Analysis + Intervention}

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Leadership Board

2014 - 2020

Tenaj Barrakka.png

Tenaj Barrakka

Project Lead

2017 - 19


Kamesha Corrine Hayes.jpg

Kamesha Hayes


2016 - 17


Katongo Musumba.png

Katongo Musumba

Community Manager

2016 - 18


Abantika Ghosh.png

Abantika Ghosh

Volunteer Manager



Archana Reddy.png

Archana Reddy

Brand Ambassador



Busiku Handema.png

Busiku Handema

Project Lead

2016 - 19


Debbie Mwema SAFIGI.jpg

Debbie Mwema

Board Director

2014 - 20


Hadassah Louis.png

Hadassah Louis

Curator In Chief

2012 - 20


Madisson Affleck.png

Maddison Affleck

Project Lead



Mwaka C Mwandwe.jpg

Mwaka Mwandwe

Volunteer Manager

2016 - 19


Reel Faisal.png

Reel Faisal Elsayed

Project Lead


United Arab Emirates

Shucheesmita Simonti.png

Shucheesmita Simonti

Policy Director

2014 - 18


Steffica Warwick.jpg

Steffica Warwick


2017 - 19

United Kingdom

Our Values


We believe a safe world is possible. Safety encompasses internal and external wellbeing. Internal wellbeing is peace of mind, a healthy culture, and emotional wellness. External wellbeing is protection of the body, healthy relationships with others, and a world that is nourished, beautiful and protected for future generations.


We are in healthy symbiosis within our community of communities. Given that safety has a ripple effect, we are a community of care so that when one rests, another stands to continue defending our space. This way, no action is seen as too small, and in the midst of adversity we stand together in the strength of our unity.


We use innovation and creativity to mold a world that treats girls with love and respect. When the world tries to limit our capacity, we will innovate new ways of problem solving, we will relearn ancient ways of healing, and we will create a safe haven for ourselves and the people we love.


We are stewards working for a safer world. Our actions are focused on long term solutions. Even so, we do not ignore or neglect the urgent needs of today that may require a listening ear, a legal action, and immediate care. Our intentions remain to the service of girls, regardless of status, color or background.


We are all of equal significance, and therefore, treat each other with equal importance. For us, equality does not imply sameness. We also extend our value of equality and importance to all living creatures including nature. Notwithstanding, our human dignity is inalienable, which makes us have a profound recognition that not everyone lives with dignity. In this instance, we apply intersectional feminism by prioritizing persons and groups that are most at risk through equity in thought and practice.

Our Milestones

SAFIGI In Years.png





Focus is on learning through active listening. During these periods we have centered girls and women in projects such as the Safety Report on Core Issues affecting girls safety.




rapid response

Focus is on urgent care needs of girls in our community and beyond. These years are focused on replenishing, building solidarity, and holding space to care for ourselves and others through projects such as 7 Safety Demands.




develop safety tools

Focus is on systemic change in order to make reporting safety issues and receiving post-care more accessible to the most marginalized girls. Our goal is to create an interactive and responsive holistic safety application.

Our Testimonials

“SAFIGI is a space I can freely express myself. I love this organization so much because I have learned so many skills and gained an abundance of knowledge .”

— Mwaka Mwandwe, Zambia

“At first, SAFIGI was an opportunity to help others and do volunteer work. I realized how important the work being done here truly is. Now, it gives a sense of family.”

— Alinne Lopes, Brazil

Alinne Gomes Lopes - Brazil.jpg

“SAFIGI helped me discover my voice, my passion, my mission. Had I not joined, I wouldn't have known I was a feminist and I could use my few skills to empower women. ”

— Shucheesmita Simonti, Netherlands

“I joined SAFIGI because I wanted a human rights project to do whilst travelling. My experience was an awesome group. I feel part of something meaningful. ”

— Steffica Warwick, UK

“I'm proud that I was able to contribute to #SharingNotShaming campaign, which gave me an opportunity to let my voice be heard. SAFIGIs noble cause was a highlight for me.”

—Amaka Ekezie Joseph , Nigeria

Amaka Ekezie (2).jpg

“As an American, I'm often removed from injustices women face globally. SAFIGI gives awareness that stirs compassion and then  outrage. Those are elements that create CHANGE.”

— Kamesha Hayes, USA


Our Friends

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