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Safety First for Girls (SAFIGI) is a female and youth led organization working to give girls the tools to regain and retain power and autonomy to solve their safety concerns in dignity, thereby making systemic patriarchal and ineffective middlemen obsolete. Our vision is a safe world for every girl.

The main objectives of SAFIGI are:

  • To curate a safe space for girls and young women through the practice of holistic Safety Education and related activities.


  • To advocate for girls safety through active engagement in relevant policy discussions, events, blogging and social media activism.

  • To lead in intersectional Research and Development to develop Holistic Safety Analysis and Interventions for the most pressing safety needs of girls.

Operations Officer

Full time  - Remote

As our Operations Officer, you will execute high-level project support and executive tasks as the first-in-command in the organization. You will be responsible for assessing the progress of the organizations program plans to determine the success of its overall objectives. It will be part of your job to coordinate the recruitment, supervision, and training of staff and volunteers within the organization. You will also emphasize safety risk management within the organization.

Description of Tasks:


  • Implementing a strong social entrepreneurship business strategy

  • Creating a working platform for girl leaders and advocates for safety

  • Building strong partnerships with local and regional leaders on safety

  • Overseeing quality journalistic reporting on gender and safety

  • Acquiring funding to support our charity efforts for at-risk girls

DEADLINE: 30th April 2024

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified by 06th May 2024.

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