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Everyday A Girl
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Finalist Award






Everyday A Girl is a book that glances into the lives of ordinary women through a series of poignant photostories. These series of images will visually express the roles, challenges, activities and duties that females in diverse communities face in their daily lives. #EDAG places a strong emphasis on positively redefining the roles of girls and women in our society. The project was a 2019 Girl Rising Creative Challenge by HP Finalist.

Special thanks from SAFIGI to the following contributors who contributed to the Everyday A Girl project:

  • Aarushee Shukla [India]

  • Anastasia Moraru [Romania]

  • Adedamola Odofin [Nigeria]

  • Alana A [Brazil]

  • Clarissa Biscainho [Brazil]

  • Dishi Kandewal [India]

  • Duke Sangara [Kenya]

  • Harim Lee [South Korea]

  • Ijeoma Ukasoanya [Nigeria] 

  • Kiia Strommer [Finland]

  • Manjima Misra [India]

  • Melissa Elle [Romania]

  • Mutinta Muchinga [Zambia]

  • Ndey Yassin [Senegal]

  • Priyata Pal [Australia]

  • Qi An [Australia]

  • Sreetama Sen [India]

  • Sylvia Fernandez [Spain]

  • Tania Ritko [Peru]

  • Vivian Wan [USA]

  • Yuhan Zou [China]

  • Zainab Asif Dar [Pakistan]

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Australia fruits of imagination.jpg
Brazil generations of wisdom.jpg
Brazil chemistry of love.jpg
China climing corporate ladders.jpg
Finland challenges for growth.jpg
India Independence over impairment.jpg
India weaving a living.jpg
India the entrepreneurial spirit.jpg
India the unconventional mother.jpg
Kenya advocate for girls.jpg
Nigeria Girl transcending
Nigeria charity without borders.jpg
Pakistan champion for peace.jpg
Peru testament of talent.jpg
Romania Wonders of homemaking.jpg
Romanis breaking glass ceilings.jpg
Senegal Dreams beyond war.jpg
South Korea voice of voiceless.jpg
Spain comforts in family.jpg
USA science of life.jpg
Zambia creating own opportunities.jpg
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Everyday A Girl #EDAG was made possible with the active support of UN Online Volunteers mobilized via

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