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Equality Culture

The Equality Culture podcasts offered a platform for girls and women across diverse cultures to share their views on  the role of culture in achieving or inhibiting gender equality in their respective societies.  The podcasts provided a safe no-judgement space for discussion with divergent views to facilitate better understanding of gender inequality as a culture from girls and women's perspective. It also offered perspective of how to address cultures that perpetuate gender inequality.




Participant age range





Special thanks from SAFIGI to the following contributors who contributed to the Equality Culture Project:

  • Adrienne Burton [USA]

  • Anja Vreg [Croatia]

  • Busiku Handema [Zambia]

  • Damaris Akhigbe [Nigeria]

  • Devi Shree Malarvanan [Singapore]

  • Dr. Christina Sisti [USA]

  • Durga Ghosh [India]

  • Jillian Primicias [Belgium]

  • Joana Freitas [Brazil]

  • Meera Tenguria [India]

  • Muqing Li [China & Australia]

  • Namira Samir [Indonesia]

  • Prudence Hainga [Kenya]

  • Reel Faisal Elsayed [United Arab Emirates]

  • Ruby Lai Yuet Tung [China]

  • Soumiya Drir [Spain]

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Equality Culture was made possible with the active support of UN Online Volunteers mobilized via

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