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22 & 24

October 2020

Organizers: Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL). Democracy Works Foundation (DWF). Center for Young Leaders in Africa (CYLA).


Safety First for Girls (SAFIGI)  in the consultative process to build a policy that requires all Zambian political parties to center youth and women issues in their manifestos. First, SAFIGI participated at the provincial level of Lusaka province, and second, SAFIGI was part of the group consolidating the needs of youth, women, and persons living with different abilities at a country level. The themes outlined included: 1.    Quality and accessible education 2.    Quality and accessible health services 3.    Participation in governance for accountability 4.    Access to youth/women employment and vocational training 5.    Youth/women intervention for natural resources and climate change (issues of energy, land and water) 6.    Youth/women involvement in sports and art 7.    Inclusion of youth and women with disabilities in governance and development 8.    Gender equity and equality 9.    Youth and women in leadership and politics


Outcomes of the Youth and Women Manifesto Initiative was a consensus on the next steps which included compiling the draft for the youth and women manifesto’s, seeking formal commitment from Presidential candidates by way of signing, and using the manifesto’s as a social accountability tool.

National Health Insurance CSO Task Force

4 - 5 

September 2019

Organizers: Center for Reproductive Health and Education (CRHE) and Hivos

Safety First for Girls participated in this consultative process for the inception of the Zambian National Health Insurance. It was important that the voices of girls and young people were at the forefront of discussions while the blueprint was still in inception.


Zambia enacted the National Health Insurance Bill into law on 26 April 2018. CRHE and Hivos hosted a core group meeting of service delivery and advocacy for Civil Society Organisations to mobilize and strategically plan on how to ensure that Reproductive Health, young people issues and Family Planning is prioritized by the NHI Board, to enable them make guided decisions around the minimum benefits package that is currently being developed.


This meeting will bring together advocacy experts to develop strategic thinking on how best to have an input in development of the minimum benefits package that is being developed by the NHI. 


16 May 2020

Organizers: SRHR Fund, Hivos, Ford Foundation, Sweden


Safety First for Girls (SAFIGI) participated on 16 May 2019 in a consultative stakeholder meeting featuring youth focused and youth serving organizations / institutions in Zambia and Kenya to introduce the RSRHR fund concept for the Youth-Led Research Initiative and the Youth Researchers Academy (YRA).


The purpose of this meeting was to address some of the gaps and challenges in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (ASRHR) by identifying and upskilling youth researchers to identify specific challenges linked to gender inequalities and gender differences that fuel detrimental SRH outcomes.


Outcomes of this meeting included the issuing of a closed call for concept notes for the YRA, introducing stakeholders to the YRA objectives, and discussions on YRA recommendations and lessons learned from similar initiatives.

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