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The Power of Feminist Online Spaces Amidst COVID-19

In times of hardship, uncertainty, and fear, community is more important than ever.

We rely on those around us for solidarity, support, guidance, information, and empathy. Belonging to a group or community we can identify with, helps us develop a stronger sense of personal and collective identity. It can also give a boost to our self-esteem and our willingness to take on the world and make our dreams happen.

During COVID-19, women and girls have been heavily impacted more than any other group. The effects of quarantine alone have caused many to feel isolated, lost, and scared, which is distressing. Gender-based violence, early marriages, and exploitation have also escalated during the pandemic and with the onus placed on women in many countries to maintain many aspects of life; like taking care of the daily household responsibilities, the well-being of children, and caring for elderly and ill family members among other duties, self-care doesn’t always make its way to the top of the to-do list.

Belonging to a group or community we can identify with, helps us develop a stronger sense of personal and collective identity.

However, one of the five main golden rules to slow the spread of the virus is to maintain social distancing and forgo in-person community as much as possible. This is something we are familiar with, because thanks to the internet, and through our online feminist spaces, we have been able to collaborate with women and girls all over the world to co-create the tools for us to regain and retain power and autonomy to solve their safety concerns in dignity. We can maintain and grow the bonds of community among us even while physically quarantined and isolated.

Improving women’s mental health is a key factor in fostering gender equality and empowering women around the globe.

Our collective power as girls and young women builds strong, resilient, and transformative communities fueled on joy, healing, and care. A holistic understanding and practice of safety offers a place to belong, an opportunity to learn without judgement, and to freely ask the questions that keep us awake at night.

You can also become part of our global and vibrant community of girls, women, and allies working towards a safer world for girls in the following five steps.

STEP 1: Register as a member on our website

To register, please click on the Log In button at the far right corner of the home page, it will immediately redirect you to screen in Step 2.

STEP 2: Sign In and Introduce yourself

Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to fully setup your account and subscribe to blogs, set notifications as well as join our community on the Spaces by Wix.

STEP 3: Download Spaces by Wix

Using this link: you can download the app and sign in to follow the work that we are doing, build bridges across communities around the globe through the chat room in which members interact and converse with one another, explore favorite blog posts, browse top picks as well as share your own articles for others to read thus making the practice of internal and external safety a lifestyle that is within reach in this lifetime.

STEP 4: Update your Profile and get a personalized link

To update your profile, click on 'My Profile' in the far right corner of the bottom tab.

STEP 5: Connect with others

To chat with other members , click on the chat button on the bottom tab.

COVID-19 has shown us what grief, loss, and isolation look like. This is also time we embody how essential unity, community, and solidarity is in these trying times. Join our online safe space today.

Author Bio

Kabuku Chileshe Kabwela is an embodiment of multiple skills, talents, and interests that seamlessly merge to create her life, work, and career. She is a Zambian-based trained communication and PR specialist with an ability to string words together in the art of creative direction and storytelling.

Her hobbies include writing, traveling, thrilling adventure, crafting, and music.

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