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This story was written by Debalina Roy from INDIA.

I want to share a sense of overwhelming pain that had a debilitating effect in my life. I have been a quiet person and an introvert since childhood. I could never imagine that life could be unduly depressive or even sad.

Upon growing up a little at the age of ten I had observed significant changes in my body and emotions. I was becoming taller and heavier than my peers and started liking people older to me. I wished to mingle with both the sexes in the pursuit of studies, sports and recreational culture. Usually many girls and boys took notice of me but, to my surprise they befriended all others and never me.

I was growing up as a loner finding little to do throughout the day. Gradually, I was seeing days of deep depression and a form of inferiority complex took birth in me.

I kept silent all day long struggling hard to keep up a normal routine and studying seemed to be an encumbrance in life. I did not feel emotionally united with family members either. I had led a one-sided life and had been reprimanded often for little or no reasons. I was walking amidst thorns at that time.

I was walking amidst thorns at that time.

As years rolled by, I was diagnosed with a rare type of disease of the pituitary gland affecting only five percent of the population of the world. The treatment was a long timed one and it had affected me awfully. I had in no time gained an enormous amount of body weight that made me look unappealing and less modern. My functional skills had become slower and I was more prone to pondering than active living.

I needed love and sympathy that I never received from people around me.

The fact that my suffering was genuine was incomprehensible to others and the society that I belonged to. I nevertheless tried hard to overcome many symptomatic illnesses by means of work therapy.

I began working as a registered volunteer in a social organization. I managed two groups of underprivileged children observing and facilitating an English language expert.

By witnessing their difficulties and issues pertaining to every aspect of child life I somehow realized that I could be stronger than the obstacles I encountered. Thus being more adamant than depression. With time I had built up my confidence level and desired employment. Unfortunately a dark shadow of bad luck loomed behind me which I was not really aware of.

Each time I got employment, I was ousted from the office without showing any reason. It still remains a mystery to me. Yes, it is true that I have suffered from an ailment that had affected my work-life-balance for a long time, especially during my student days.

Today I have normalized completely and restored my speed in every sense. I have compensated a lot for what I had lost. I strongly feel and believe that every individual living in society must be given moral education accompanied with a serious dose of awareness of health issues and hazards prevailing in each type of society. Each one in society must be made compassionate, helpful, trustworthy and completely reliable as citizens.

Humanitarian laws and ideals are not just subjects of high leveled verbal dictates; in reality they send the message of indispensable values that connect us to each other especially in times of high stress and essential needs.

One must not be opinionated and judgmental about those who seem to have a handicap or are facing a crisis of some kind in life. One must make a helpful intervention for the persons in distress, assisting him or her to overcome difficulties and surpass limitations to lead a life of true normality.

Therefore, by being transparent in sharing and supporting others one learns to be in one another’s shoes. It abstains us from pursuing the vile ways of shamelessly shaming others also. Henceforth, the future of our world can be a container of spiritual values armed with truth, knowledge, and hope.

This story was part of Safety First for Girls (SAFIGIs) #SharingNotShaming campaign.

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