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Socioeconomic Impact of Education on a Country and Girls.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Photo by Nikhita S on Unsplash

Education is the first step for people to gain knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment, and the skills they need to make this world a better place. It is important for all people in the world but more especially for children as they are the next generation of a nation.

One of the harsh realities that are, however, often experienced in poor and developing countries such as the Southeast Asia region, is the exploitation of children through various means such as trafficking and, girls more often than boys due to factors such as lack of education, insufficient knowledge, low social interaction, and poor communication are the main characters in such predicaments.

The economy is a benchmark for the development and progress of a country. With economic prosperity comes the optimization of other sectors, such as education and development. An advanced economy can support regional development so that infrastructure can meet the needs of the community.

A conversation between a teacher and a public high school student in establishing the role of education and its influence on a country revealed that education is the most important pillar that is coveted by people as it leads to developed, prosperous, and rich countries.

Countries in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, are developing countries characterized by periodic development and sustainable economic growth. The existences of uneven development in remote areas of a country in the Southeast Asia region result in the lag of the region as compared to other regions. Education, economy, and transportation are the biggest impacts of the inequality of a country's development. However, several developing country initiatives have been carried out so that the region continues to grow, for example in Indonesia (Southeast Asia) it has implemented a 12-year compulsory education program and even provides a program for free tuition fees every month for those who study with state status. The focus of a country in the field of education is the first and main step for a country to be able to compete with other countries in the world.

Higher education can make it easier for young women to socialize and change their mindset to be able to work, start a business, and even lead.

In developing countries, it is usually customary for girls to work in the kitchen and become laborers but with the development of time and high awareness of each individual, this can be minimized. Higher education can make it easier for young women to socialize and change their mindset to be able to work, start a business, and even lead. A good education will change the mindset to be more mature and empower girls to make the best decisions in life. Some countries have supported the existence of better education for their people by providing free schools, educational funding assistance, scholarships, and other means.

Education is the key to character building, girls who still have a high level of instability may not pay attention to education but that is precisely the most dangerous thing as an attitude of self-loathing will lead to exploitation. In minimizing these cases, the role of the surrounding members such as parents, relatives, friends, friends, neighbors is necessary for supporting girls to be better and think about education to achieve the future.

I firmly believe that with better education, the younger generation especially girls will get a better life and exploitation can be removed from this world. So what are you waiting for girl? Take your education seriously, and fight for yourself and your future!

Edited by Kabuku C Kabwela.


Hanif Mufidah is a high school student living in Indonesia, Southeast Asia. She has a strong interest in gender equality and believes that women must be equated with men as well as violence against women being stopped so that women can become pillars of the country's development. Hanif actively supports NGOs that have a vision for the welfare of children and women as children and women are important groups in achieving a safe and prosperous world.


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