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5 Tips to Cope with Holiday Stress.

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The holidays are here, spirits are high on excitement but if you are in the least bit like me then the holiday period could also be slightly stressful. So I figured how about sharing some coping mechanisms? I would love to hear from you too, so please do feel free to make use of the comment section and sign up to our Spaces by Wix account, let’s get interactive!

This year, with so many stressors added from trying to find grounding in the new normal, take control of your mental health.

The holidays are supposed to be fun, but many people find them stressful. When you’re not spending time with loved ones or sitting down to great food, you’re likely juggling seasonal responsibilities in addition to your normal routine.

It creates the perfect environment for stress and anxiety. This year, with so many stressors added from trying to find grounding in the new normal, take control of your mental health and learn how to make time for yourself during the holidays. Even if it feels strange, it’s an easy way to battle your ups and downs well into the new year.


When you imagine stepping away for some time alone, you might feel guilty. After all, the holidays are about spending time with loved ones. As you greet family members and make memories, be present and cherish every moment. Later, when you need a break, you’ll be at peace with how you spend your time.


As you plan your schedule for the remaining weeks of 2021, make sure you leave space for self-care during the holidays. It may feel silly to make notes in your planner about waking up 15 minutes earlier, but it gets you into a new routine where you prioritize your mental health.

After you figure out how long you want to focus on self-care, determine what you’ll do, and include that in your calendar reminder. If making time for yourself feels like a chore, you’re not approaching it with the right mindset. Self-care should always reflect what you love. Consider your personal goals and if any of them can help you maintain your mental health — like developing a new skill. Doing something you’re passionate about makes it much easier to find those spare moments for yourself.


Social media has a great habit of making us put ourselves down. Looking at those pictures or reading the posts of acquaintances having the ‘perfect’ Christmas with the ‘just what I always wanted’ presents is a sure way to dampen your spirits. Anyway, they can’t be having such an amazing time if they are sat in front of a mobile phone or computer screen. If you know the comparison game leaves you feeling down in the dumps, avoid it.


The temptation of overspending is stronger at this time of the year than any other. The pressure of purchasing the ‘perfect gift’ or buying extravagant food and drink is thrown at us from all angles. The secret is to avoid the temptation of overspending that you will regret at a later date or ‘Jan Worry’. When you go shopping, just take the cash you can afford, leave credit/debit cards at home. Make a list of things you need and stick to it.


If you are feeling stressed or finding it hard to cope, tell someone. Don’t keep things bottled up inside. Whether it’s someone with you or a phone call away, speak out.

Author Bio Kabuku Chileshe Kabwela is an embodiment of multiple skills, talents, and interests that seamlessly merge to create her life, work, and career. She is a Zambian-based trained communication and PR specialist with an ability to string words together in the art of creative direction and storytelling.

Her hobbies include writing, traveling, thrilling adventure, crafting, and music.

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