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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Xi lives in Sydney, Australia. She is an artist and designer. She loves living in Sydney because of the beautiful beaches and sunsets. During day time, she works as a designer in the Academy of Interactive Entertainment. This academy teaches animation and game design. Among many of her responsibilities, Xi designs promotions for open days.

In late afternoon. Xi is usually found teaching the hands on art–painting. After finishing all her work. She and her church friends have game night where they act plays from the Bible. Sometimes, they have cooking competitions. Once she and her group was responsible for making a cake in the cooking competition.

After reaching home, she uses digital drawing to give finishing touches in her works, such as portraits. She loves drawing portraits. She is Australian of Chinese ethnicity so practices Mandarin every night. Family always comes first to Xi. After a long day of work, she usually sits down with her sister to share drawing tips.

Xi’s story is an encouragement to women who are or are thinking of pursuing design, animation, creative arts and painting as their academic or professional field. It also indicates that family plays an important role in our lives. Xi also proved that if women nurture their creativity, then the world will be able to witness more creative female personalities.

This was the story of Xi Wang by Qi An.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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