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This is Silvia from the balcony of her room at home in Spain. She is 25 years old and lives with her parents and brother. During the summer, Silvia likes to spend her time reading novels. Today is Spain’s general election and Silvia goes to vote together with her family. After that, they go to have an appetizer before lunch time.

In the late afternoon, when the heat goes down, Silvia and her parents go for a walk at the beach. Silvia and her boyfriend, José Luis, like to spend time together whenever they can. One of the things they enjoy the most is watching series together.

Silvia cooks dinner with her brother. In the next picture, she is using the cooking robot to make sauce for the dessert. It will be a brownie with English custard. At the end of the day, Silvia likes to relax playing video games in her room.

This was the story of Silvia Fernandez.

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