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Mutinta is 29 years old and living in Zambia. She is in her final year of Dental Surgery at the Copperbelt School of Medicine, in Zambia.

Her daily routine starts at 5am with a walk. During the day, she attends to patients during clinical rotations. Thereafter, she has a lunch break from 1pm to 2pm. She uses this time to work on school assignments, check her emails and makes progress on online volunteering tasks.

After school, Mutinta gets back home to do her laundry, maintaining green habits by allowing her clothes to dry in natural sunlight. Then in the evening, she relaxes while soaking up the sun and reading a magazine.

After a bit of rest, Mutinta takes time to cook – one of her favorite hobbies. She also has the talent of braiding hair. Being a student, she has a limited budget and resorts to styling her own hair each day rather than spending money at the hair salon.

Mutinta loves to relax and spend time with her friends while having a great dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Mutinta’s story proves that girls are limitless if they are given the opportunity. By being educated and also developing other skills (such as braiding and volunteering), she is more capable of contributing to the nation’s economy.

This was the story of Mutinta Muchinga.

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