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Andrea is a 27 year old from Mexico. Recently, she went on a short visit to Nsukka – a suburb of Enugu state, Nigeria. Because of her cheerful, selfless and loving nature, she got along with the people in Nsukka pretty well.

Andrea visited the Adada river, popular in Nsukka for its beautiful and serene natural view. She loved spending time there in the soothing nature.

Afterwards, she went to the fruit market and could not get her hands off of the vendor’s cute baby. She also visited Queens Secondary School, the only secondary school for girls in Nsukka. She had an amazing time meeting people.

Later, she prepared dinner with her friend Ijeoma. Although tired after an eventful day in the suburb, she insisted on helping Ijeoma in the kitchen. Before leaving, Ijeoma made sure that she had a picture with Andrea.

This was the story of Andrea by Ijeoma Ukasoanya.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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