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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

This is Alice.  Alice is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is 25 years old.

Currently, Alice is unemployed. She usually starts her day checking her email and social media, trying to make plans for the future. She is never away from her phone for very long.

Alice lives with her parents and her grandmother, Liti, who is 80 years old. Her grandmother raised Alice and her brothers and is still a very active and sharp woman, always giving Alice wise and timely advice.

At least twice a week her brother takes her to the park to teach her how to ride a bike. She is still learning. Alice also likes to run, and being in the park makes her relax and think about life.

Alice’s best friend, Amanda, practices Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts). She has been trying to convince Alice to practice too – without much success so far. But Alice always goes to Capoeira events to motivate her friend.

Alice also loves to bake. Most of the time she likes to bake cakes, cupcakes and cookies. She has a real sweet tooth!

Devin is Alice’s puppy. Alice loves her dog and loves playing with her every day. Spending time with Devin makes her forget about her problems for a moment.

Alice has started to take online French classes. She thinks the language is beautiful and could help her to get better jobs opportunities in the long-term. Her long term plan is to have a masters degree from a French university in the future.

The most important women in Alice’s life are her aunt, mother and sister-in-law. They have being trying to motivate her to not give up and keep working hard to achieve her goals. They are helping her a lot through this difficult time of her life.

This was the story of Alice by Alana Aguiar.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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