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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Anjala is a 24 year old house helper in Mumbai, India. She works to support her family. Her two sisters got married with her financial support. Whatever she earns from her job, she sends it to her ailing parents in West Bengal. Since she didn’t receive an education during her childhood, her means of earning is restricted to house work.

She starts working at 8 in the morning. She finds watering the plants soothing, and hence makes sure to start her day with it. Seeing the house she works in look beautiful and filled with flora, she feels a sense of accomplishment.

Anjala works for a kind woman. Anjala has learnt cooking skills from her boss. Her cooking is praised by everyone in the house. She can cook pasta, burgers, Chinese foods, noodles and Indian sweets now. She learns new things every other day from her boss. Her boss also helps her with washing clothes, and utensils.

Anjala was unemployed for a long time because of her eye impairment. Other house owners were afraid of her damaging their household items due to her eye impairment. Her new employer thinks of Anjala as a smart and efficient woman. She gives Anjala time to concentrate so that she can do her work properly.

Whenever Anjala misses her family, she spends time with her friend, another house helper in Mumbai, who considers her a family member. They meet everyday and catch up. Sometimes, after work, they go to have Chinese food together. The altruism of her friendship keeps her going.

Anjala is an example of a hard working woman who works to be financially independent so that she can provide for her family members, regardless of her impairment.

This was the story of Anjala by Dishi Kandewal.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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