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Mrs. Tanuja is 53 years old and has been living in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with her family for the past year. She is a Tamilian, born and brought up in Durgapur in West Bengal. She can speak English, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali fluently and also converse in Telugu and Malayalam.

She loves to read, cook and feed amazing food to her friends and family. She is one of the most vibrant and multifaceted homemakers one can ever come across!

On a typical day, she begins her day at 5:30am with the newspaper and a filter coffee. After breakfast, when her family members have left for their respective offices, she gives tuition to school kids from her neighbourhood.Once the kids leave for their schools, she rides her scooter to either go to the market, bank or run errands of the house.

When she is home, she cooks the meal for everyone in her family before they are back from work so that they can have an early dinner. Then she watches her favourite shows on the television. Mrs. Tanuja has been gifted a small car by her family recently on her birthday, and every evening she goes out to practice driving for an hour.

She also stitches all the clothes for her daughters, taking advanced stitching classes twice a week. She makes it a point to practice it every evening. After dinner and once everybody has retired to their respective rooms she reads a novel before going to bed.

This was the story of Mrs. Tanuja Ramanathan by Sreetama Sen.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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