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Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Rekha Biswas is a 48 year old woman living in Shantiniketan, West Bengal, India. She has a mini cottage industry – her main source of income – where she invests most of her time. By trade, she is a handloom weaver and uses jute and bamboo to make beautiful couches. She goes to fetch water from the pump after finishing her daytime weaving work. She has to stand in a long line to get water as the availability of water in the area is extremely insufficient.

In the evening Rekha works as a part time house helper to supplement the rest of her income. Her work includes washing the utensils and sweeping the floor. After finishing all her outside work, she comes home and prepares dinner for her family and finishes her household chores.

Rekha’s story is an inspiration to women of all classes. It shows that women can easily balance household activities and their professional work. It also indicates that moral strength can catalytically increase the physical strength of a person. Her business gives her a strong sense of the need of having savings. She believes that if everyone started being conscious about their savings and earnings, the economy would improve.

This was the story of Rekha Biswas by Manjima Misra.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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