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Mary is a 17 year old girl from a rural area called Gwarinpa in Nigeria. She is the only female in her family, and has three younger male siblings. Every day, Mary wakes up 5:30am to help her mother cook. By 6:15am she starts the long trek to a community school.

When Mary gets back from school, she helps out around the house by cleaning or washing the clothes of her younger ones. Sometimes, when he is not playing with his friends, her younger brother Obiefuna, assists her in some of the chores.

Mary is a bright, intelligent and strong girl. Her wish is to become a successful model and make enough money to take care of her family. She also wants to prove those who disapprove of the modelling profession wrong, and flip the commonly held belief that it is a shameful profession.

This was the story of Mary Sunday by Adedamola Odofin.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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