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Marali was born in Peru, but currently lives in Arizona. She has two children and is a mathematician, musician, dancer, choreographer and student. She takes math classes at Mesa Community College and every day before the class she prepares herself with the previous study materials to keep up to date.

She teaches her son every other day with different activities in order to encourage him to read and write. In the afternoon, she takes her daughter for physical therapy in the local hospital. Marali teaches her daughter to play flute, as she is a flutist with a passion for many other musical instruments as well.

She is learning to make dance clothes for her dance group in the church. She has choreographed a folk group for folk Peruvian dance, and her group rehearse in the home studio before any shows.

Marali’s story is a testament of multiple talents and using them for community development. Her determination and dedication toward educating herself, her children and people around her prove this mentality is one to be followed and practiced if we desire to have a better and brighter world.

This was the story of Marali Bances by Tania Ritko.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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