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Nuta is a 37 year old woman who lives in Romania. She has two children.

Everyday in the morning, she dresses herself before preparing the chicken feed. She enjoys watching the birds enjoy their feeds. On summer days, she digs up carrots in the garden to see how they have grown.

After finishing her work in the garden, she goes inside to make the fire for cooking. She bakes potatoes and serves them with cheese to her guests. After feeding the family, she helps her father in law with his beekeeping.

In the evening, she milks the cow and then brings the milk inside to boil. Before ending the day, she engages in crochet. It relaxes her and makes her ready for the routine of the next day.

Nuta’s story truly expresses the daily routine and dedication homemakers have to endure so that they can have good food and a healthy home for their family's upbringing. She symbolizes the strength of women and their capacity to multitask. This shows that homemaking is a full time job in its own way.

This was the story of Nuta by Melissa Elle.

Download the full Everyday a Girl book here.

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